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Silver Linings Playbook by Sam Tarde

David O. Russell’s film Silver Linings Playbook is something that I would compare to seeing my parents after being away at school for a long time; you know you love them, but when you see them again you feel like … Continue reading

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‘Faking It’ and Advocacy by Heather Sullivan

I have always liked the weird, quirky humor of MTV’s show ‘Awkward.’, and have recently come to really appreciate ‘Teen Wolf’ (after giving it a few second chances). After accepting that there were entertaining original shows on MTV, I was … Continue reading

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Flashbacks by Rachel Glascock

As  I have been watching shows on television through out my life, I have noticed that recently many tv shows have been making the move to incorporating flashbacks as major parts of their plots. I think it mostly started with … Continue reading

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Bias? It Isn’t Just Television and Film

We’ve all heard about the poor climate for women in the tech sector, but Google is trying to do something about unconscious biases affecting gender and other areas.  Can training help?

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You Can’t Use That Name!: South Park’s 18th Season Premiere

Daniel Segall Last night, the 18th season premiere of South Park aired on Comedy Central. Titled “Go Fund Yourself”, it was a satirical riff on the recent Redskin’s controversy in which the boys steal the team’s name due to their … Continue reading

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The New Cast of True Detective by Georgia Parent

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn <— link to Entertainment Weekly Article At first I was skeptical of the casting choice for the second season of True Detective. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey set the bar of expectations sky high. Each actors … Continue reading

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I’ll Be There For You by Emma Rigau

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its premiere in 1994. Lately I’ve been noticing tons of posts on Facebook linking to Buzzfeed articles about the sitcom.  Some include ’27 Unforgettable FRIENDS Moments that will Always be There for You’, ’33 … Continue reading

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