Seinfeld – Connor MacKenzie

Over the past few months, my roommates and I have been recording and re-watching the multitude of Seinfeld episodes that air each night on TBS. Each night we come home from a hard day of classes and relax on the couch watching the antics that George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry find themselves mixed up in for the next thirty minutes.

Recently I have noticed a very interesting trend in our viewing habits. Within the first few minutes of the episode, all three of us can instantly exclaim…”Ohhh I remember this episode! It’s the one were George (insert something terrible and hilarious) does this! I love this one!” Simply within minutes of watching a scene take place in Jerry’s NYC apartment, we are able to recall the entire summary of the episode and know when each joke is going to deliver. Despite the fact we most likely have not seen these episodes in many years, our brains have retained all the information about the episode.

This demonstrates how strong the writing of Seinfeld was by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld during its production. The commentary on life was so spot-on through each characters dilemmas, that its comedic value still resonates with viewers almost two decades after it first aired. In my mind I cannot think of any other show beside’s The Simpsons (which has declined incredibly) that has the power to be re-watchable two decades later and still be just as funny the first time I saw them.


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