American Horror Story Season 5: A Brief Preview Review (Dan Segall)

Though many people are saddened that Glee has recently ended, this does not mean it’s the end of the show’s creator’s career. Quite the contrary, in fact, as the end of the show has given Ryan Murphy the freedom to further create new and expand the pre-exisitng franchises of his other mega popular series. One of these shows, American Horror Story, was recently teased for its fifth season (

Personally, I love the show. I think it’s one of the more original programs on television, and I love the fact that it’s an anthology series such that each season is new and different, yet it still maintains a somewhat loose sense of continuity via recurring cast members and recently-materialized revelations of interconnections between seasons. However, the producers and creators are commenting on how “radically reinvented” this upcoming season will be, yet in this sense there are two disappointing facts in my opinion about the upcoming season: 1) Jessica Lange will not be a part of it, 2) It is being set in both a time period and place that AHS has visited before (though not both at the same time). Particularly, the second point bothers me as it doesn’t make next season seem like it will be truly different. I’m also interested to see what the inclusion of Lady Gaga in the cast will do, in terms of whether it will be just a gimmick or something substantive.

Thus, if I had one suggestion for upcoming seasons of the show, it would be if the creators truly chose radically different geographical and temporal settings in American History from previous seasons. Some examples that come to mind are revolutionary-era America in the colonies; the newly formed nation around the time of the Louisiana Purchase; the wild frontier, pacific northwest, mid-atlantic or midwest during the 19th century/turn of the 20th (not just cursory connections to the Antebellum South like in Season 3, even though that gave a nice touch to the general story arc). All of these varied settings would provide unique opportunities and narrative material starkly different from anything the show has done before or is planning to do as of now. Overall, still, I’m very excited for AHS Season 5, and you should be too.

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One Response to American Horror Story Season 5: A Brief Preview Review (Dan Segall)

  1. It is interesting to hear how “American Horror Story” runs like an anthology, which makes me think about True Detective (a show I watched the first season of last year). Do you prefer shows established as anthologies that focus on different people season in and season out, or do you prefer those that continue to focus on the same protagonist(s) season after season?
    — Zachary Sanfilippo

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