Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -Kelly McAdam

Last night my roommates and I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a film that I probably would have never chosen to watch on my own. Categorized as rom-com and an action film, this movie didn’t exactly strike me as something I would be interested in and definitely would not have been my first choice for a rom-com. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, however. I still wouldn’t say I absolutely love it, but taking it for what it is, I actually really enjoyed it. The cuts and unique comic book style kept me entertained the entire time. A love story about people in a rock band that mimics a video game with its special effects and sounds is something that I normally would not have any interest in, but it was so creative that I never actually lost interest. This movie was so cheesy but I honestly didn’t even mind because that’s just how the style was and it was kept consistent throughout the entire film.


This comic book style of “ka-pows” exploding across the screen combined with the love story about Scott Pilgrim’s challenge to defeat the love of his life’s “seven evil exes” in a quite literal video game style verges on too cheesy for some to handle. The dry sense of humor, however, kept me interested and laughing throughout the entire movie especially in moments when I thought I was over the repetitive plot. The fact that this film enforces such a specific style, they basically had to go hard or go home with the animation, video game effect, etc. Not to mention, Michael Cera is so funny and entertaining. His lines paired with the rest of the witty humor elevates this film to a more serious standard. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend it as an alternative to the typical rom-com, but only with warning that you truly have to take the style for what it is.

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