Timer, A Modern Outlook on a Worn Out Love Story- Emily Jo Williams

This past weekend I watched Timer, a low budget Netflix movie which focuses on Una, a 30 year old woman desperate to find “the one.” The contemporary twist on an outdated story came about through the invention of the “timer” a piece of hardware which attaches to the wrist and counts down the exact moment until a person meets their soul mate. Although there are plot holes and slight continuity errors, the concept itself leaves one questioning true love. Una must face the reality that her timer is blank, meaning that she either does not have a soul mate or that her soul mate does not yet have his timer installed. Throughout the film she grapples with the possibility of lifelong solitude and the inevitable reality that she needs to love herself before she can love her “true one.” Timer‘s quirky attitude towards love and female solitude allows the viewer to engage consciously in their own path towards love. Instead of waiting for her timer to go off, Una actively finds love with another timer-less person. The message of the film rings loud and clear; don’t sit around waiting for someone else to love you, find someone (or something) you love, and the rest will fall into place.

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