Following- Paul Martin

I recently took my first trip to a movie theater in several months. This is perhaps the longest hiatus I have taken from movie going in my entire life, so I was more than merely surprised when the first film I went to see made as big an impact as it did.I went to see the new horror film “It Follows” that stars little known actors in a highly sexual cautionary horror film I went into with very low expectations. I was presented with a beautifully crafted work of cinema whose creators are clearly students of film. The film draws creative influences from historic icons of the horror and thriller genre, as well as modern day art house masterpieces. Two major influences on “It Follow’s” visuals are the Stanley Kubrick film “The Shining,” and the films of Nicolas Winding Refn “Drive,” and “Only God Forgives.” While the film’s plot and dialogue offer minimal complexity, there is a variety of subtext and depth to the horrific on goings that prove thought provoking well beyond the standard “Don’t have adolescent sex” trope often found in the teen horror genre. Instead, ideas ranging from the Oedipal complex, to a form of amor fati acceptance of life’s distressing bleakness are presented to the viewer in visually striking and emotionally wrenching ways.

PS- The score is one of the finest, and most creative I have heard in quite some time.

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