How Long is too long?- Ellie Stackhouse

At the end of last semester I started watching Gilmore Girls. A show that I somehow managed to miss at the height of its popularity. At first I loved it. I crushed seasons at a much faster pace than I am willing to admit. The characters are charming and compelling. Star Hollow seems like the perfect place to grow up. Somewhere around season 6 though the magic began to wear off. I grew tired of the drama, the heartache, and the poor communication. The episodes began to get repetitive and it was frustrating. Though some might see my complaints as blasphemous, I don’t think I am entirely alone in this opinion. What is it about a show that makes it lose the magic that first hooked us. Can you pin point the moment when a show “jumped the shark” and should have quit while it was ahead? Gilmore Girls is not alone in this. Lost, The Office, How I Met Your Mother some shows just out run their storyline, relevance and integrity. Its not to say that people stop watching them, but they fail to remain the same show that hooked you from the beginning. You continue to watch out of loyalty not interest and are ultimately left disappointed.

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