Wild – Hannah Duane

reese-witherspoon-in-wild-movie-4While at home for the weekend, my family rented Wild. It was my first viewing; I have not read the book; and admittedly, I missed the first thirty minutes. But I’m pretty confident that I can affirm what I’ve heard about the film—that it makes more sense after reading the book and Reese Witherspoon gave an amazing performance. After my own viewing experience, I was shocked that the movie made me want to go on an excruciating, hiking adventure like Cheryl. One would think that after seeing how difficult it was to hike the PCT that I would be turned off from the idea. But I think the answer lies in the fact that the movie isn’t one of self-discovery for the viewers. We watch Cheryl discover herself on the PCT, but it doesn’t necessarily tell us about ourselves in the ways that movies often do. Instead, it encourages us to go on our own journey of self-discovery—an equally important role for a film.

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