All Good Things & The Jinx- Katherine Roberts

Last week, I posted about the HBO series, The Jinx, which examines the great mystery of Robert Durst and the details of the three disappearances traced back to him. During an episode of The Jinx, they mention a film called “All Good Things”, which is also directed by Andrew Jarecki. This film is what caught the attention of the real Robert Durst and prompted him to inquire about an interview with the director. Although this film did not get very good ratings on rotten tomatoes, I was very interested to see how it differed from the miniseries.


I thought All Good Things did a really good job offering alternate theories about the three disappearances. It also heavily focused on his romance with Katherine, which was somewhat lacking in The Jinx. The movie was dedicated mostly to their “love story” and provided a theory as to why they may have grown apart. I also thought the movie was cast really well with Ryan Gosling playing David Marks (aka Robert Durst). He definitely succeeded in acting creepy/a little bit off. I did, however, think the ending could have provided more information about the current status of Robert Durst. There is a little paragraph at the end that tells the audience about his location- but I think they could have been more effective in simply adding ten or fifteen minutes onto the ending to put more of an emphasis on the actual trial and it’s outcome.

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