Going Clear by Connor MacKenzie

After hearing such rave reviews of the new HBO documentary, Going Clear, I took the chance this weekend to view it myself. The documentary is about the Church of Scientology and its effects upon those who have left the Church. It was very informative about all the different aspects of the Church and looks at it with a critical eye. I think that the structure of the film was perfect. It is broken up into three different sections. The first is a brief history and explanation of what Scientology actually is as well as who its found was, L. Ron Hubbard. The second section, which I thought was the most interesting, is about the high profile Church members such as Tom Cruise. Then the final section  was about those who have left the Church and the repercussions they endured from that decision. The interviews throughout the film are all very emotional and powerful. With each individual articulating their experience in the Church very well. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in Scientology and what it actually is.

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