Alive Inside – Hannah Duane

Alive-Inside-Film-Poster-2014Last week, I watched a documentary on Netflix called Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory. It screened last year at Sundance and was positively received. The film explores the power of music to heal and ease the suffering of people with Alzheimer’s. It’s amazing and moving to watch the transformation of these people who were miserable in isolation until the music of their pasts sparked a light inside them again.

Analyzing it purely as a film, there’s nothing groundbreaking. But for me, it does exactly what I like documentaries to do, and that is ignite a new passion or interest that can help me live a life that matters. Alive Inside reminded me how much I love music, especially for its intense connection to past feelings and memories.

I like to think that movies and the discussions they promote are ultimately all about teaching us how to live more meaningful lives–a goal that Alive Inside achieves for me.alive-inside-trailer-01

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