Wonder Woman: DC’s Answer(?) To Marvel [Dan Segall]


Recently, the proposed Wonder Woman film was given a new director. Even though news about this movie is sort of irrelevant since it’s not supposed to come out until 2019, I think it’s really interesting (and also problematic) that Warner Brothers is waiting that long to release the film.

Given the huge trend in comics towards non-traditional (i.e. female and minority) comic consumer groups (lead in many ways by Marvel), and that the Marvel films have almost always been/are currently consistently out-performing/ranking the DC films, fast-tracking a film like Wonder Woman is the right move for Warner to make.

First off, it would be a huge PR boom for Warner/DC. It would demonstrate a commitment to diversifying its content in a way that it still lacks in its print media compared to other companies (though it is improving), and also will place them apart from Marvel by having done something with a superhero film first that Marvel did not do. Further, the expanded demographic interest from having a lead female superhero and a female director (both potential firsts in the comic book film genre) would likely surge ticket sales for this and all of Warner’s related properties.

It’s not the ultimate answer to DC’s historical lack of comparative success in film, but given the current climate it seems like a no-brainer to make Wonder Woman the catalyst, if not the focal point, of Warner’s build up to their Justice League franchise. Let’s hope their producers read this blog and take heed.

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One Response to Wonder Woman: DC’s Answer(?) To Marvel [Dan Segall]

  1. I agree that if this film is successful critically and financially it will be huge for DC – a company that I really hope is successful. Also I do think that the tone that they are going with (dark, gritty) will differentiate it enough from Marvel that it will be able to establish its own niche within the Superhero film genre.

    — Zachary Sanfilippo

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