Star Wars Revisited

By Tommy Super

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For my special topics communication course, we were required to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. As most kids with baby boomer parents who grew up peeing their pants when the new Star Wars movie was announced.

For my generation, we were introduced to the legendary Star Wars Sega from the modern, inferior prequel series. As a ten year old just excited to be eating reseese pieces and nachos in an IMAX movie theater with his brother, dad and cousins, I didn’t really notice the endless plot contradictions, clichés and mediocre acting in this film that have infected the Star Wars franchise.

I had seen the original Star Wars movies too at a young age, and I probably loved the shiny light sabers, space battles, and goody looking aliens. But when I was a little older, and sat down and watched

Now, seeing these films again, at as a 21 year old junior in college, with, what I like to think to be, a solid, intellectually challenging education, I gained even more out of this classic story, these timeless characters and the unquestionable originality of these films.

Of all the insight I gained in my revisit of this classic film, 5 things stood out the most.

  1. Luke Skywalker is not that great of an actor, but the story is so great, that you love him anyway.
  2. In hindsight after seeing the prequels, R2D2 might be the biggest hero in the entire saga. He knows more than anyone.
  3. Also in hindsight, the fact that Luke and Princess Leia have subtle sexual chemistry is just disturbing.
  4. The original light saber battles are so simplified in comparison to even the latest edition to the original trilogy, but in a way, this makes them more authentic.
  5. The cities, homes and overall feel of the film is much more barren, and wasteland-like than I remember, and much more so than in the prequels, which makes sense contextually.
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