Freaks and Geeks – A Timeless Classic


Megan Keiffer

After binging on the Netflix original series Bloodline, I was inspired by Linda Cardellini’s performance to return to her breakout role in Freaks and Geeks.  The 1999 single-season show has always been one of my favorites since high school, and it deserves to be called a classic for several reasons.  There may be only 18 episodes, but in its short air-time, Freaks and Geeks perfectly documented the hilarious, sad, confusing, and timeless trials of high school.  With a retrograde all-star cast including James Franco, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogan, the show takes a look into the lives of teens in 1980, yet the scenarios and problems they find themselves in are all too relevant even in 2015.  This is why Freaks and Geeks is a classic.  It is relatable for all generations and permeates decades.  Not only that, but the show is subtle.  It’s a simple story about friends beating the odds and growing as individuals and as a community.  There are the freaks and the geeks, and the blurring lines between them.  Linda Cardellini drives the show, as her straight-A student character Lindsay Weir struggles to fit in with the burn outs while maintaining a strong relationship with her straight-edged family.  It’s a story about growing up with hilarious one-liners from Rogan, Segel, and Franco that deserves a nod as a classic.

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