Star Wars VII Trailer – Connor MacKenzie

This past week the first official trailer for Star War VII was released. Back in December a very short teaser trailer was released, but it offered very little in terms of tone, imagery and characters for the newest film. Which is why the newest trailer released on Tuesday was such a big deal. This was the first trailer for a Star Wars film in several years and it did not disappoint. The opening image of the trailer was one of the most exciting set pieces I have seen in a very long time and reminded me so much why I love Star Wars. In addition I felt that this trailer did not reveal too much of the story, which has become very common in trailer releases. Instead it opted to just show a montage of several new characters in the Star Wars universe as well as the old classics such as Luke, Leia, R2D2, Chewy and Han. I am still very hesitant about how the final film will turn up just because it has so much hype to live up too. Everyone is expecting this movie to be ground-breaking and I am sure it will be excellent since JJ Abrams has worked incredibly hard on it, but it will not be anything earth-shattering I feel. Regardless I am excited for the new movie and hope that the upcoming trailers will not reveal too much about the story so that everyone will be just as surprised with this new installment as they were with the originals.


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