The Big Lebowski, A Return To Normalcy – Emily Jo Williams

In the Coen brother’s 1998 smash hit, The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges plays Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski. The Dude’s unemployed and carefree life style lends itself perfectly to the plot at hand. Without a stable job and traditional responsibilities, The Dude is able to experience the unexplained circumstances which are thrown at him. While this carefree lifestyle makes for a humorous movie, it begs the viewer to have a sense of normalcy in their own lives. Due to his “bum” nature, the dude never has real security; he is not taken seriously by the police officers he asks for help, nor is he able to figure out that he’s being used. His lifestyle, at times, exudes an air of leisure and contentment. In reality, however, the Dude’s plight is exacerbated by his irresponsible decisions. The viewer, or perhaps just myself, leaves the film with a sense of fear of failing and becoming unimportant.

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