Why I Love The Simpsons by Reece Guida

Maybe it’s the feelings of fond nostalgia tied to those Wednesday evenings at 5 PM where I’d watch the Simpsons while smelling my mom’s homemade dinner cook from the other side of the house. Maybe it’s the memories of shoving chocolate down my throat in the back study of my house where I couldn’t get caught while sitting in the colonial berry sofa that I’d watch the Simpsons in. Maybe it’s the parallels between culture and time in my life in respect to a show that spans my life’s period.

It is undeniable that The Simpsons can relate to every American family. This friendly critique about average, sometimes below average, American life ensnares audiences because they too know the “Simpsons” from their everyday life: The friendly drunk, the young feminist, the bad boy. Sometimes viewers love a hybridity of these American archetypes which the Simpsons so well encapsulates.Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.55.58 PM

I guess that’s what the show does best: Making the ordinary extraordinary. A young schoolgirl’s 2 day battle to win the spot of student body president actually reveals a corrupt school district using young promise as leverage to further political gains — a critique that runs the gamut of local to national scale. The power in the show is what the show is able to intimate — a cartoonish vision of America that is often indicative of our often cartoonish reality.

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