Zack Snyder’s Potential by Justin Cinkala

Something occurred to me the other day: I consistently surprised that Zack Snyder is as popular as he is in the movie industry as he is today. I admire Snyder quite a bit, but I have found that a majority of his movies are incomplete. Snyder strives very hard to take on big movies with visually stunning effects although I often feel that I am left wanting more in terms of story and character development.

Yet even though this to me seems apparent he has continually worked on bigger and bigger movies. His next movie is Superman vs Batman, quite arguably one of the more anticipated movies by the general public.  Snyder is continually tackling these big action pieces because they play to his strengths since they allow him to create visually stunning action sequences like in Man of Steel and 300. Capitalizing on his strength what many of his viewers love has allowed him to stay relevant enough to keep getting this big budget films. What I am wondering though is if he is going to be able to make compelling characters in his biggest movie yet. I think Zack has a chance to really break through as a great director if he can really play off the dynamic between Batman and Superman.

The trailer that was recently released showed a lot of promise that he is heading in the right direction. It showed that he is still playing to his strengths while attacking some interesting references to Superman being a false good and how that perception is being met by the public. All in all, I am very interested to see how Zack Snyder’s next movie will be received based on his other movies.

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