Anticipating “Entourage”


Megan Keiffer

On June 5th, the long-awaited Entourage movie will hit theatres.  It’s been almost four years since the final episode aired on HBO, but the newly released trailer for the summer film is everything we would expect:  Vince directs and stars in a movie that will make or break his career, Ari is as hot-headed as ever, and Turtle lost a lot of weight.  And it wouldn’t be Entourage without several cameos and celebrity appearances, including Mark Wahlberg, Calvin Harris, Billy Bob Thorton, Liam Neeson, Haley Joel Osment, Jessica Alba, and Pharrell.  With the new trailer now going viral on the web, Entourage is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated summer films.  It has the benefit of a built in fan base, thanks to HBO’s hit comedy of the same name, which ran for a total of eight seasons.  In total, the show won 25 Primetime Emmys and 14 Golden Globes.  The four year break between the series finale and the film’s release should also benefit the franchise at the box office.  Everyone loves a reunion of their favorite characters, especially when you have to wait several years to see it.  Several critics have claimed that Entourage is Sex and the City, just pitched to a different audience.  Both series and films follow a gang of friends around a big city as they do God-knows-what, but for one reason or another, we love them anyways.  We identify with a character, laugh at the comedy, and part of us even wishes we were one of them.  As Entourage leaps onto the big screen, we hope it will have as big a splash as Sex and the City (the first one, of course) did.  We hope to see the same character stereotypes from the eight HBO seasons, and to be reminded of why we fell in love with the show, the script, and the characters in the first place.

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