Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT) – Connor MacKenzie

Tonight the third episode of  season five Game of Thrones will air on HBO. This season marks for the first time in the series duration were the show will be deviating heavily from the original books. At first I was optimistic with this choice since A Feast for Crows and Dances with Dragons are both very packed books that would require extensive screen time to cover all the material. However after having done some research on what the show will be leaving out, I was very displeased. The show will not be doing any of the story-line in the Iron Islands with the Ironborne, no Lady Stonehart and will be altering Jon Snoww, Littlefinger and Jaime Lannisters story lines.

I have problems with this since the story lines that they are not showing in my mind were some of the more interesting and important plot lines in the whole show. Without the Iron Islands story the show audience will never be introduced to Euron and Victarion, two great characters who could offer an exciting expose. Instead the show will be focused on the story that takes place in Dorne, which is a much more politically centered plot than anywhere else in Westeros. Whether this will translate into an interesting story on screen is yet to be seen.

In addition I do not enjoy how they are making stories up that have no basis in the books. For example all of Sansa and Littlefingers plot this season will be largely written by the show and not from the books. Finally one of the biggest problems I have always had with the show is that it is not able to capture the “subtleties” that the books have written in them. One of my favorite parts about reading the books was that a great deal is implied in the writing of George R. Martin. For example the implication that Jon Snow is really a Targaryen born of Lyanna Stark and Rhygar Targaryen is one of the most interesting theories written in the books, but has been totally lost in the television show. This is not the shows fault at all, it is just a disappointment that comes from translating a book into a television show.

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