Game of Thrones: Storylines Converge and Sansa Grows — Alex Dudley

sophie_turner_as_sansa_stark_and_aidan_gillen_as_littlefinger_photo_helen_sloan_hbo_0_0Game of Thrones is heating up, guys…

Although I wrote about Game of Thrones last week, Madeline requested that I do it again, so I will! [Warning: SPOILERS]

Yet, what I want to focus on this time around is the convergence of stories.  After spending so many seasons watching storylines fracture into more pieces, it is refreshing to see certain characters coming together in unexpected ways.

In particular, I am very interested in seeing the new storyline between Sansa and the Boltons.  Early in the episode, the girl who has been put through the ringer is presented with the most horrible option that she could possibly imagine: a marriage alliance with the son of the man responsible for the deaths of her brother and mother.

Although Sansa initially freaks out, her odd mentor (if we can call him that) Littlefinger tells her that marrying Ramsay Bolton it is actually her best option.  After spending so much time passively enduring the abuse and tragedy done to her, Littlefinger proposes that Sansa’s marriage to Ramsay could give her a shot at revenge. 

Full disclosure: I like post-season one Sansa.  Many people are so stuck on how she was written in the first season that they do not give her credit where credit is due, but I digress.  Whether you like Sansa or not, the audience knows that her new storyline with the Boltons will be fascinating; upon first meeting Roose Bolton, the man who stabbed her brother, she feigns a smile and engages him in pleasantries.  Her reaction to Roose is a clear message to the audience that she’s grown from being an idealistic complainer at the beginning of the series.  Season Five’s Sansa is a cunning young woman who is now able to play the game that has victimized her for so long.

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