Going Clear- Paul Martin

I finally got around to watching one of the most hyped documentaries of recent memory, “Going Clear” by Alex Gibney. After hearing about the near unbelievable levels of insanity in the film described to me by several people I couldn’t help but watch the film.

The film discuses and takes a very clear (no pun intended) stance against The Church of Scientology. While the film and those in the film present the issue with considerable bias and very little is done to present both sides of the issue, the film is one of the most engaging documentaries I have ever seen. That is definitely attributable to both the well paced argument structure couple with the equally effective pacing of the films editing and jumps between interview and historical footage. The inclusion of a number of extremely well known public figures and acclaimed artists like Academy Award winner Paul Haggis, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta as centers of analysis only added to the already substantial level of intrigue the film’s topic alone provides. The film, regardless of its bias and lack of subtlety in argument provides considerable depth and breadth in its analysis of the history and current state of The Church of Scientology. Ultimately, I am glad I saw the film, and wish there were more films like this to shed light on other cults.

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