Me and Earl and the Dying Girl -Kelly McAdam

One film I’m excited to see this summer is Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I’ve only seen the trailer, but it seems to be one of the coming of age films that I typically enjoy. Cute, quirky, touching, Me and Earl and the Dying girl received exceptionally positive reviews and response at the Sundance Film Festival. Catching attention with such a title, we can likely assume that the film itself will be just as unique and

The film tells the story of a high school boy, Greg, who becomes friends with Rachel, a girl with leukemia. He and his unlikely friend Earl make what they recognize as really bad films in their spare time, and they decide to make a film for Rachel. While many might think this plot would be full of cliches, I am confident that it will be quirky and touching enough to steer clear of the hackneyed story of a high school girl with cancer. I anticipate being taken through the emotional ups and downs of the kids’ high school lives like how something so daunting as cancer affects them during their coming of age period in high school when so many trivialities feel like the end of the world. On another level that I think will give this movie more depth, however, I think the unique and quirky characters will add a comedic component that lightens the mood and makes this film stand apart from cliches. I am sure the performance by Nick Offerman will be great as he often has appeared in films like this one like Kings of Summer; and I also can’t wait to see Connie Britton’s performance, as I am a huge Friday Night Light’s fan. This film will be the perfect summer dose of a feel-good movie while also tapping into that more emotional side, and I hope everyone senses that moment when this type of movie will be just what we need.

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