Wayward Pines Sneak Preview- Emily Jo Williams

Although some critics have been harsh about M. Night Shymalan’s television debut, I found the sneak preview of Wayward Pines to be invigorating and refreshing. Perhaps my anticipation for the show clouded my judgement but I was still entranced. I voraciously read the trilogy over the summer and though I was disappointed by the ending, the series was mesmerizing. I think Shymalan perfected the anticipation readers felt from the books, although some critics think he ruined. Shymalan’s preservation of the split narrative between life in Seattle and life in Wayward Pines, is a crucial element of the book series. And since Shymalan is staying true, I think he and Wayward Pines should be given some recognition. Additionally,   the production quality and acting style is superb; an incredible cast magnifies the story instead of overpowering it. All in all, I believe Shymalan’s television debut emphasizes his talent and also the expansion of the television industry.

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