“Diversity Wins” at the SAG Awards



Despite the overwhelming controversy the Academy Awards have received for their non-diverse selection of nominees, many of the deserving actors who had been snubbed received recognition last night in the SAG Awards.

The SAG Awards were praised in 2015 as well for a greater show of diversity among award winners, such as Uzo Aduba, the Orange is the New Black actress (who took home a trophy both last and this year) and Viola Davis for her performance in How to Get Away with Murder, just to name a few. The major difference in selections between the two highly competitive award ceremonies could be attributed to two things: Firstly, the greater show of diversity within television series, which calls to question the film industry as a whole that has traditionally made white actors the “default character,” and secondly, the selection panels of each award show (as the SAG Awards are curated by a group of randomly chosen individuals who are newly selected every year while the Ocsars’ panel is made up of voters whose memberships never expire).

The major moments of last night’s ceremony showed a progressive choice of winners that seemed to align much more with the public’s perspective than the nominees chosen for the Oscars, which have called to question the judgment of the current selection members.

Idris Elba made history by taking home two trophies last night, becoming the first male actor ever to do so. His emotional acceptance and the overwhelming support of his peers begs the question: Why was he snubbed from the Oscars selection when so many agreed upon his excellence in performances this year?

Also, check out The Los Angeles Times’ article on the W for diversity this year to review all the winners.


-Meghan Collins

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