Making A Murderer – Luke Kohler

My wife and I started watching Making a Murderer this weekend, and “WOW” is all that I can say/write/think. The creators of this series have done an astounding job documenting the shortfalls of the legal system while showing Steven Avery and his family in their full, raw, and flawed glory.

My initial thoughts were “Of course the system is corrupt!”, but little did I know how scary this rural town in Wisconsin could be. The Sheriff’s Office, local judicial system, and state legislators play into powerful relationship structures in which they protect and serve one another much better than the general citizenship.

We’re only 5 or 6 episodes in so far, but can’t wait (and worried about losing sleep at the same time) to see what happens. (PLEASE no spoilers!)

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One Response to Making A Murderer – Luke Kohler

  1. I’m on episode 6 too and my idea on what really happened keeps flip flipping!
    But what if the sheriff’s office was right about Avery committing the murder? How corrupt is the system in that case…
    Obviously they were wrong about the initial rape case, but what if Avery really did commit the murder?
    -Emily Strachan

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