“The Affair” – Janie McGraw

Just last week, a friend recommended for me to start watching the new hit show “The Affair” on Showtime. I decided I needed a new show to binge watch so I took her advice and began watching. Ever since I started the first episode I have not been able to pull myself away from my computer. Some shows that I begin to watch have a terrible pilot episode which quickly makes me lose interest. However, the first episode to this show is something I have never seen before. The show reminds me of the film “Gone Girl” in that the story is told in two different perspectives. The first part of each episode is told by novelist, Noah while the second half of the episode is told by diner waitress Alison. The two unexpectedly fall in love and the season plays out their story from each of their perspectives.

The first episode shows how Noah and Alison first met at a diner in Montauk while Noah is eating with his wife and kids. We see how different the scenes are from each of their perspectives and how they are dealing with the emotional/physiological effects of falling in love with someone other than your significant other. Noah’s perspective of seeing Alison for the first time is that she comes onto him and is rather mysterious with long red hair. We then see the same scene in the second half of the episode from Alison’s perspective and she looks completely different because of the way she sees herself. Her hair is up and she feels as if Noah is the one that comes onto her. Each episode is very interesting to watch because of how each of them view the other but in the same scenes. I highly recommend that everyone should start watching this show because it will leave you on your toes wanting to watch more.

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One Response to “The Affair” – Janie McGraw

  1. marymdalton says:

    I think it gets even better after the first season…

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