Karly Morgan: Melissa Harris-Perry Escapes Threatening Encounter


Karly Morgan

Melissa Harris-Perry, a prominent woman of color in the media, was aggressively approached by an angry man during her trip with Wake Forest University students to the Iowa caucuses.

The most disturbing part about the story was that it was not a random act of violence. He approached her asking “how are you credentialed to be on MSNBC”, and “why would they pick you?”. Harris-Perry also mentioned that he said something about “Nazi Germany’s rise to power” during the encounter. Based on the man’s comments about her credentials and the white male-supremacist Nazi regime, I would assume that he had a problem with a woman of color being so prominent in media. It brings to mind the classic narrative of struggle and change. Now that women and minorities are beginning to assume their deserved positions in media, business, power, etc., the final stages of change are marred by the violent, threatening, and damaging actions of individuals like the man who approached Harris-Perry.

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