#GoDeacs #GoDads #SuperBowl50! -Devin Williams


So incredibly proud of Wake Forest Professor Linda Nielsen whose research on father-daughter relationships has an inspired an incredibly heartfelt 2016 super bowl commercial. This commercial features three NFL player dads happily attempting a new profession – daddy-daughter hairstylist. Having a blast with their little girls, trying to create the perfect “Dad-Do,” we see facts written into the commercial and proven by Dr. Nielsen, such as, “Girls who spend quality time with their Dads grow up to be stronger women.”

I find this to be so true as I think back to the fun mornings spent with my Dad as a little girl laughing together as he crafted two perfectly curled pigtails, detangler in one hand and two colorful hair scrunchies in the other. With a spritz of hairspray and just enough time to catch the bus, I would walk away from these sweet moments happy, confident, and ready to take on the day. It is easy to take memories like this for granted, though they undoubtedly reflect the beginnings of the extremely strong relationship I have with my amazing father today. I also think it is so important to remind young girls how strong and capable they are in their own beauty, both inside and out. More commercials need to encourage and inspire the next generation just like this one. Way-to-go Deacs!

Read more about Nielsen’s accomplishment and watch the commercial here!


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2 Responses to #GoDeacs #GoDads #SuperBowl50! -Devin Williams

  1. I took Linda’s class last year! This is amazing and I love the commercial!

  2. marymdalton says:

    Love this commercial!

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