Orange is the New Black – A Tribute! (Corey)

I have recently started the popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. I was told by several friends of mine to start the series and that I really would enjoy it, and now I am sincerely addicted and genuinely invested in each of the characters. I really do think about them a lot – it’s weird.

Of course, with a class like this one, I have connected many of the things we are learning in class with my viewer experience to “Orange is the New Black,” and while I realize that my watching this series is a bit outdated (2013), I have thought a lot about the realities that this series brings to life for many peoples. The women’s prison that these characters are a part of, for those of you who don’t know, is unbelievably corrupt and is consistently so without any reprimand for those in authority. It is utterly enraging to think and to know that these types of individuals are likely running our corrections institutions in America.

In addition to showing a new, more modern side of prison, and along those lines – I appreciate this show’s efforts to bring a more liberal and open-minded representation of life in prison, particularly a women’s prison, in junction with each of the characters and their own personal experiences, interactions, and interpretations of life both inside and outside of imprisonment. I have personally been challenged in my own thinking while watching this show, and I know others have as well. It is a radical representation of imprisonment, but represents a story that is not often heard, but should be.

I am excited to see what the rest of this show holds for me, and I look forward to seeing more shows like it in the media, coming out of Hollywood, and eventually making it to my personal Netflix screen. “Orange is the New Black” rocks, y’all – check it out.

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One Response to Orange is the New Black – A Tribute! (Corey)

  1. marymdalton says:

    Maybe write your final paper on the series? I have enjoyed each season, and they are distinct with different themes…

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