The Power of Social Media: WFU Shuttle Fire

On Thursday night around 10:30PM, as many students were studying and others were getting ready to go out for a night of fun, a Wake shuttle bus and a student’s car collided on campus.  I was hanging out with friends when I decided to look at my Snap Chat story. As soon as I opened a friend’s story I saw the bus up in flames. I showed all of the people who I was hanging out with and everyone started to freak out. We grabbed our coats and ran over to the scene of the accident.

As we were on our way over we saw hundreds of other students slowly filing out of the dorms.  I overheard multiple conversations with people saying “I saw it on Snap Chat.” As soon as I got near the bus I pulled out my phone, along with everyone else, and took a video using my Snap Chat and posted it on my Snap story. Instantly my friends who viewed my story started to text me and call me to figure out what was going on.

It was amazing to see how social media played such a powerful role as to why everyone on campus, and even people outside of campus, knew about the fire. We all know that social media connects us to people and events in the world faster than ever before, but it was amazing for me to see tangible evidence of social media at play. I could literally see it working and taking over the entire event. This event also opened my eyes to how big of an impact Snap Chat alone had on the spread of this news. Such a simple app has been turned into a popular way that our generation communicates.

The Office of Communications and External Relations eventually sent out an email to the Wake Forest community explaining what had happened.  But because of Snap Chat, and the power of social media, we all knew the details of the event almost as soon as it happened. Social media has become such an important part of our world and I think that it is amazing to see how it connects everyone and how information can be relayed instantaneously.

Here is a link to the Wake TV Breaking News video that was posted later Thursday evening. It contains some footage from my Snap Chat story that I took of the fire.  Big thanks to Ja’Keena for reaching out to me to send her my videos and for putting them in this very well made news update!

-Danielle Cales

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  1. marymdalton says:

    Love this post.

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