The New Rhetorics of Manhood! -Maisie Noesen

“Gastrosexuals, Lumbersexuals, Ammosexuals, and Man/Boys: Pop Culture and the New Rhetorics of Manhood?”

What does this mean?
Come Find out!

For the past three weeks, my COM380 class, Great Teachers has been organizing a trip for Dr. Casey Kelly to come give a lecture at Wake. Dr. Casey Kelly is a Wake Forest Alumni and the writer of Abstinence Cinemas which focuses on masculinity and sex in film. He will be giving a 45 minute lecture in Annenberg in two weeks!
His work is very interesting and I think a lot of you guys would enjoy his lecture! He analyzes the movies 40 Year Old Virgin and Taken, specifically looking at the masculine roles and redefining the characteristics of ‘manhood.’

My favorite piece I’ve read of his is Cooking without Women: The Rhetoric of the New Culinary Male. He explains how cook books and food channels are directed at women, which socializes them into the classification of feminine domesticity. He reestablishes male cooking by demonstrating two points. First, a defining characteristic of manhood is the joy they take in tangible results, for example fixing broken things or minor auto repairs. Second, the perception of male domesticity requires their manhood to be altered in terms of occupational skills which are familiar to previous generations (like their fathers). He uses these points to argue that men need to manage the “threat’ of female power by incorporating it and therefore, are made out to be great cooks!

He writes about really interesting topics and it would mean a lot if you guys could make it!


Date: Tuesday February, 16th
Time: 4pm- 5:30 pm
Location: Annenburg.

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One Response to The New Rhetorics of Manhood! -Maisie Noesen

  1. marymdalton says:

    I saw most of the talk. Quite interesting. I may never erase the image of the Ammosexual from my brain, unfortunately…

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