SNL is “Feeling the Bern”



Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate made several appearances this weekend on Saturday Night Live’s show hosted by Larry David. SNL’s showing of candidates, from Hilary to Trump to Sanders this year has made for a very politically minded season, as they clearly attempt to show an unbiased appearance through the inclusion of both political parties; although, Trump was the only one invited to actually host the show.

The Sanders doppelganger first impersonated the Vermont Senator in a play-off of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where  Sander’s 2% loss was accounted for by five voters that he had discouraged throughout the day.

While the sketch was undoubtedly clever, to me it felt more like Larry David as Larry David, simply dressed as Bernie Sanders… While the first voter was turned off by Sanders choosing not to shake her hand after she coughed into it, a notable Larry David-ism that is a part of much of his comedy, including his movie Clear History. The classic stand-offish, stubborn persona and references to being Jewish were typical aspects of David’s humor and certainly would have resonated with his many fans.

During a critical point in the race for the democratic nomination Sanders’ appearance on SNL as well as the broadcasts he made from his twitter account are clearly attempts to reach a younger crowd, which seemed to have been a success after so many rave reviews of he and David’s performances.

Watch the episode here and decide for yourself.



-Meghan Collins

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One Response to SNL is “Feeling the Bern”

  1. marymdalton says:

    I actually saw that SNL episode (don’t watch much anymore) and agree with your assessment.

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