The realness of The Bachelor- Ally Harper


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I think it appropriate to dedicate this blog post to The Bachelor. The reality dating show-taking America by storm (for the what it feels like its 50th season). Now as an avid Bachelor watcher I definitely prescribe to the “reality” love and entertainment values the show offers.

However, every year it seems like critics come out of the brush and continually critique the reality show for not being real. Questions I receive on a yearly basis is why do you watch that show, its not real, and I feel like just because love is the question, people hold The Bachelor to a higher standard than shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. But you know what, unless you were living under a rock, you must know that reality television is more television than real. They criticize contestants who only audition for the show for fame and for their crazy antics, but how can you criticize a person for wanting the fame when she has to audition for a shot at love? They are treated more like actors than people so of course fame is in the package.

Now while I’m here criticizing the haters, I completely agree with them, The Bachelor and its subsequent spinoff shows sells on the idea of love. We all want the winners to run off happily ever after. Nevertheless, will I be sitting on my couch drinking wine every Monday night until the season ends? You bet I will. Cause lets be honest, every girl wants that rose.

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One Response to The realness of The Bachelor- Ally Harper

  1. marymdalton says:

    Chuckle…good thing (maybe) I don’t watch this show. Sounds depressing…

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