Singing Sheep Super Bowl Ad – Sarah Fahmy

I absolutely loathe TV advertisements. Hate them. I simply avoid watching TV altogether and skip them or mute them when I watch shows online. But like millions of other Americans, I tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday to watch the game and the advertisements that went along with it.

But why, Sarah? You just said you can’t stand ads. Why would you spend hours in front of the TV to watch a football game you don’t care about and commercials telling you to buy things you don’t need?

My answer is I really don’t know. Maybe it was because I wanted to spend time with my friends. Maybe I wanted to eat the snacks everyone brought. Maybe I wanted a break from homework. Maybe I wanted to watch the halftime show. Or maybe I wanted to see these million dollar ads. Honestly, It was probably a combination of everything.

My favorite ad from this year’s Super Bowl was the Honda truck commercial that had singing sheep:
I think I must be a sucker for cute animals that can sing and classic rock anthems (see also Heinz ketchup hot dog commercial Regardless, these ads succeed at being memorable, making me laugh, and keeping my attention… Which kind of scares me since I despise having consumerism shoved down my throat.

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One Response to Singing Sheep Super Bowl Ad – Sarah Fahmy

  1. marymdalton says:

    At least you are aware that consumerism is being shoved down your throat…that’s not nothing!

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