How to be Single – Corey Washburn

Last week, I saw “Dirty Grandpa,” and was not amused, so I had high hopes going in to “How to be Single” on the day it was released in theaters. The cast seemed phenomenal – including Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann and others. I was pumped.

While much of the humor was seemingly pointless and “out there” the movie did have a good plot, contrary to Dirty Grandpa, and made some meaningful points as we know media always does. Not to mention, I was in tears from laughing for much of the film which is a definite plus.

For the sake of discussion, I’ll compare this movie to something like “Friends with Benefits” or “No Strings Attached,” which both create some relationship standards and fulfill stereotypes about what it means to be “single” or not. “How to be Single” reintroduces these same points but brings about different perspectives. The film follows several different characters, all in different places of their lives but all trying to find what it means for them to be “single” or “in a relationship” and what that looks like in different areas of their lives. In this film, viewers see mixtures of class, race, and social interest in mostly party scenes, that are consistently interrupted with their cliche reminder that they’re ‘doing it wrong’ and aren’t actually finding themselves.

Before seeing “How to be Single” I of course saw the previews for other films that will be coming out soon that I am very excited about – and of course, I could not help but to think about America and what has been going on in the media, not just Hollywood, for the past month or so. Of course we have all the U.S. political debates still going on, international affairs as always, still the overcast of the Oscars’ embarrassing ballot for last year’s film awards, and then Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl. I’m excited, needless to say, about what will be to come of this time period. “How to be Single,” in its modernistic view, is a mere image of what’s to come to the media in my opinion. It’s a small step via college humor at a much larger, broader, and more important picture for the world.

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One Response to How to be Single – Corey Washburn

  1. marymdalton says:

    Sounds like I should see it…if only I could find the time!

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