How to Be Single (on Valentine’s Day)- Ally Harper


Last Thursday a couple friends and I wanted to have a girl’s night and see a movie. We were in what I would call a lovey kind of mood, so we were debating between Choose Love, the new Nicholas Sparks movie, and How to Be Single. You could probably guess from the title of this blog, we picked How to Be Single because we realized as single women on Valentine’s Day weekend, we didn’t want to start the weekend by crying our eyes out.

Now I had high expectations for this movie. I mean it had Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann as main cast members so in my mind How to Be Single could do no wrong. Even though it was entertaining and I found myself laughing till I almost cried at some points, I was disappointed with the comedic aspect of the film. This is not a criticism necessarily because in lack of comedy it provided an emotional plot line, however I went into the movie expecting something completely different. So while I rather enjoyed How to Be Single, my hopes to not start the weekend crying, failed. The ending scene was filled with a devastating father daughter moment where the father had to explain to his young child that her mother had passed away. I suggest the movie to all the fans of love, comedy, and emotional story lines and if you can leave that movie theater without crying at least once, good on ya.


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One Response to How to Be Single (on Valentine’s Day)- Ally Harper

  1. marymdalton says:

    Spoiler alert.

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