The Notebook…on Vday… –Sarah Landis

As we just had Valentine’s Day weekend, with most of us mostly sharing chocolate with ourselves, I realized how much I actually hate the movie The Notebook. For all the females in the class, please don’t seek me out and murder me in my sleep. Something about the movie just never really struck a cord, but that’s not to say I don’t like (fairly) sappy romantic movies thought out by Nicolas Sparks. I sat and watched Dear John after Noah and Allie rekindled their love. I really enjoy Dear John and The Last Song much more so than the Notebook which most would disagree with.

I guess in essence what I’m trying to say is, why on Valentine’s Day do people pity themselves and whisk themselves away to some fantasy found in romantic films. Why can’t channels play these movies on a random tuesday versus the day where most want to be with someone they care about, which in turn makes the viewer mopey. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of love whether it be with someone romantic or familial or simply a best friend. Media and society paints this picture of how Valentine’s Day “should be” which makes people feel let down. Like no, you all can’t have a love story like Allie and Noah, but you can find love…wake up fam.

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One Response to The Notebook…on Vday… –Sarah Landis

  1. marymdalton says:

    I remember about nine years ago when The Notebook was the opening movie at the RiverRun International Film Festival, and I took my son to see it. He was 14-years-old, and he really liked it more than I thought he would. I remember thinking at the time (and not for the first time), uh-oh, he’s an incurable romantic and will probably get his heard broken more than once. I also thought that the volatility of the young couple’s relationship was probably not a great thing for him to see at an impressionable age. I didn’t want him to think that was the way love was supposed to be… Good post.

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