Why I Will See, “The Choice”

2/16/16, By Emily Strachan

The first time I read a Nicholas Sparks book was during Spring Break of my freshman year of high school.  I picked up The Last Song in the airport on my way to the Bahamas with my family – I read the entire book in one day while I was curled up under a beach umbrella.  It wasn’t most well written book I’d ever read and it the plot was certainly predictable.  But I was hooked on the concept of summer love and young romance – something my 14 year old self had never experienced.

Later that spring I went with my best friend to see The Last Song in theaters.  Though we both knew the ending, my friend and I cried – and laughed – and cringed during cheesy scenes. We LOVED every minute of it.  Why is it that women are so captivated by unrealistic love stories often played out in movies?

I spent the latter part of high school thinking that this Love played out by Ronnie and her summer lover was obtainable.  Maybe I too would meet someone in the heat of the summer and fall madly in love – music would play at all the rights moments.  I also recalled the Notebook narrative – perhaps I would fall in love with a boy and we would grow old and die in each others arms.

As I’ve gotten older I’m no longer naive when it comes to understanding how simple love are narratives frequently played out in romantic films.  I’ve experienced heartbreak and I understand that relationships are much more complex than summer affairs.

But…my 22 year old self will go see Nicholas’ Spark’s latest film The Choice in the coming weeks. It will be two hours where I can forget about what I know to be true about love and two hours that I can spend daydreaming.  I’m not concerned about the quality of the movie, how well the actors play their roles, or how corny the script is.  Rather, I’m concerned about returning to my 14 year old views of love…after all ignorance is bliss.


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One Response to Why I Will See, “The Choice”

  1. marymdalton says:

    I remember thinking when I saw the first Twilight movie how much I would have loved it as a 13-year-old…

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