For the Taylor Swift Haters – Corey Washburn

The Grammys of 2016 were perhaps better than ever, and I have to say I was thrilled with both the nominations and the award winners. However, one person continues to stick out in my mind – Taylor Swift.

Since her entrance into the music world, Taylor Swift has received massive amounts of attention – both good and bad – for her work: lyrics, music, creativity, music videos, style, etc. After her RED Tour and the drastic entrance into the Pop Scene, Taylor showed the world she could produce popular music in almost any genre with success. Whether you like her music or not, you really cannot deny this fact… Her music will always play on the radio regardless of what she produces.

This year especially, the world saw a new Taylor. Taylor Swift, in her album 1989, wrote songs that were still about boys, still very much centered around pop themes, but that were aimed at her ‘haters,’ in many instances, and that allowed her to show the world a new side of herself. Bad Blood, an incredible music video that also received an award this video, puts this ‘edgy’ Taylor into full view and allows her to express herself in a way no one has ever really seen before.

When you think about the celebrity’s transition from country to pop, you may think of other stars who may have started in acting and then shifted, or tried a genre that didn’t really work for them so they switched, etc. However, I don’t view Taylor as “finding herself” through pop – I view her as someone who has consistently proven over and over that she will thrive in whatever place she’s putting herself in, and will remain to be herself and express herself through music while doing so. I’m so glad we haven’t had to watch Taylor “screw up” or disappoint us like a Miley Cyrus might have done – and I’m pumped for her to keep being given the chance to point fingers at Kanye.

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One Response to For the Taylor Swift Haters – Corey Washburn

  1. marymdalton says:

    This motivates me to give her music some serious consideration…in my spare time. ;-)

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