Chelsea Does…

For those of you unfamiliar with Chelsea Handler’s new series on Netflix, Chelsea Does, it is a documentary series that follows the comedian as she explores different social issues  such as marriage, the tech industry, racism, and drug use.

I love how Netflix used Handler’s straight forward, brutally honest, and sometimes dark humor to bring to light some of the most important social issues in society today. Her series is full of truly important interviews with people from all different facets of life that show the truly different opinions Americans have on these four different issues.

However, I believe that the potential for the series wasn’t truly reached. Instead of using Handler as the perfect moderator for these issues because she is unafraid to ask the questions that everyone is thinking they centered the series solely around Handler and  her opinions. The marriage episode is focused on weather or not Handler should get married, the race episode’s central question was why people think Handler is a racists, the tech episode was about Handler’s anxieties about doing a show for Netflix, and finally the drugs episode is about how people believe Handler is an alcoholic.

What could have come from this series was an honest conversation about marriage, technology, racism, and drug use but what came out of it was a series about Handler trying to defend her life decisions.

{Sara Greene}

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  1. marymdalton says:

    I need to watch this…

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