Matt Bomer, White Collar Division –Sarah Landis

Can I just say, everyone should go watch White Collar for Matt Bomer. I absolutely adore this television series. But I really am writing to delve into Matt Bomer’s character, Neil Caffrey. Long story short, Neil Caffrey is a con-man who gets caught because he couldn’t resist seeing his girlfriend and coming out of hiding for it. FBI agent Peter Burke captures Neil who then escapes jail with 4 weeks left on his sentence. Burke makes an offer for Neil to become a CI with the Agency. Essentially, Caffrey’s character evolves from always having the urge to run into one who has values and becomes rooted in relationships. But the whole point about Neil Caffrey is that he is a con-man, known to everyone for being an expert at falsifying ID, forging things, etc. But wow, they would choose Matt Bomer to play him.

My point is, this just reminds me of life because you have this attractive man, who is good at saying the perfect things and the perfect time, making every woman swoon and getting what he wants without getting hurt. It actually makes me mad because half the time Neil Caffrey makes me think of males in my life that seemed to do everything right, but ended up running away. It kind of destroys my trust in men because it’s always the attractive ones that end up winning in the sense that they don’t get hurt. Matt Bomer/Neil Caffrey on the outside, is the perfect guy but when you get to know his character, the trust in him wavers. I just think that the maker’s of the show did this on purpose as to exemplify this idea of being attractive gets you what you want…but does it really?

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One Response to Matt Bomer, White Collar Division –Sarah Landis

  1. White Collar is one of my favorite TV series! I agree that it’s frustrating that Caffrey’s life seems to always work out in his favor, often because of his looks. However, I also think we see his character develop so much throughout the series, and by the end, I’m happy with the man he becomes (I’m not sure if you’ve finished the show, but the finale makes me cry).

    I also think it’s worth mentioning that Matt Bomer is easily my top celebrity crush. Those blue eyes get me every time.

    -Sarah King

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