Jamal Harris

Recently, I was browsing through my social media feeds (Twitter and Instagram) and I began to see an unfamiliar hashtag, #BoycottBeyonce. When I saw this I clicked on the hashtag. Come to find out it was a form of “clapback” against Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. Reading further into it, I began to see how critics viewed her performance as a form of protest against the police. Critics such as news networks (CNN and FOX News) said she was bringing racism and race baiting to the Super Bowl. These statements in my opinion is what’s wrong with America today, she was clearly paying homage to black history month and drawing attention to the #blacklivesmatter movement. She used the Super Bowl which is one of the biggest platform in sports to get viewers to take notice to the events that has been happening within our community in the recent years. She used her on platform to further along the social justice efforts started by those in these minority communities.


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