SNL Formation Skit, By Emily Strachan

Last week, SNL aired a satirical video as a commentary on the outrage over Beyonce’s Formation video.  Media outlets, like CNN, are discussing the SNL skit – as the music video is a comment on racism in the United States.

Beyonce’s latest hit, Formation, tackles the issue of racism in the United States…with a specific emphasis on the Black Lives Matter campaign and police brutality.  Essentially, the SNL skit comments on the “outrage” people felt after seeing the video and the  Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance – The skit jokes that these moments mark the first time white people realized that Beyonce is black.  In the piece, white people go into hysteria because they realize their beloved Beyonce is not like them.

In the skit, a white woman turns to her black friend and says…”We have to leave American, Beyonce is black.”  The friend responds…”Amy, I’m black…a lot of people are black.”  Then, both girls’ gazes face towards a black man who is dressed like a rapper… the friend says “He’s black.”  Amy responds, “well I know he’s black.”

This skit deals with stereotypes and opens up a conversation about race in a new way.  Perhaps comedy is the best way to get people talking…and also the only way for some people to realize how absurd the negative reactions over the Formation video are.  CNN seems to agree that this is a positive way to discuss issues – what do you think?

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2 Responses to SNL Formation Skit, By Emily Strachan

  1. I agree! Loved this SNL digital short and it’s way of exposing how ridiculous people’s reactions have been to Bey’s song/video. Good post!

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