Scandal – Sarah Fahmy

I’ve recently become obsessed with the TV show “Scandal” and watch it constantly on Netflix. Drama, suspense, politics, love, duty, patriotism, gender, race…  It deals with a lot of topics and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

However, in my Global Feminism class (one in which we often talk about Black women) this week a student brought up the idea that the main character, Olivia Pope (a Black woman) isn’t simply an empowering character that sheds a new light on often one dimensional Black women in TV and movies. My fellow student and peer brought up the idea that Olivia Pope is similar to the Jezebel stereotype (a Black woman who is a whore). This student then continued to say that not everyone will or should interpret Olivia Pope’s character in that manner as Shonda Rhimes, the producer of the show, has still done a lot to shake up current portrayals of Black women in the media – which I agree with.

I am astounded daily about the cool and new insights I learn from my classmates…

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One Response to Scandal – Sarah Fahmy

  1. marymdalton says:

    Wonderful, isn’t it, when we learn from one another?

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