The Big Short

This movie FINALLY came out online and I cannot say enough positive things about it.  I was initially skeptical about it considering my last experience with a Wall Street movie was entertaining, but overall uninformative.  When I first saw The Wolf of Wall Street I was left amused, but still very confused regarding the inner workings of the high powered financiers and the scams that go on in this industry.  However, The Big Short gave me a much more holistic view of this world as well as a much more realistic view and inside look at what really occurred on Wall Street, specifically the housing market.  There were a few stylistic things done in this movie that helped explain and simplify some of the complexities of the housing market scam.  Firstly, the movie would pause and reference celebrities to break down some complicated terminology.  This technique was so effective because it demonstrated to the audience that the terminology was so confusing because that was the point of it, to wrap up simple schemes in complicated terms that blurred their true meanings.  Another stylistic choice made was to parallel the lives of the four people who uncovered this massive housing scheme.  Simultaneously playing out the lives of these four individuals gave the audience a greater understanding of the many ways it influenced and controlled the lives of so many people in so many different ways.  Overall, this Wall Street movie gave me a genuine understanding of what financially occurred, rather just overwhelm me with the extravagant lives of arrogant financiers.

Stephanie Rubin

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One Response to The Big Short

  1. marymdalton says:

    The Wolf of Wall Street just left me irritated. The Big Short, on the other hand, is a film a like very much.

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