Diversity in Film: ‘Lack of opportunity, not talent’ -Viola Davis

Viola Davis on TODAY.

{Devin Williams}

I found this particular segment of NBC’s TODAY Show featuring, Emmy Award Winning Actress, Viola Davis, to be so inspiring, as she powerfully shared her opinion on diversity in film. Not to mention, because she will be in Wait Chapel speaking on this topic as well as on her own personal experience within the film industry just one short month from now! (April 2nd – can’t wait! #GoReynoldaFilm!)

“What’s true is that if you create those narratives, then those roles can open up to people who are waiting in line – you write and we will come; we’ll show up,” says Davis in her TODAY interview, emphasizing the need for a wider range of stories that need to be told in order to combat this lack of diversity tainting the film industry today. There is already a wide range of available talent, she explains, but the opportunity is in short supply and that must change.

I could not agree with Davis more and was really proud to hear her say that women of color in film like Taraji P. Henson and Halle Berry are already stepping up to the plate against studio higher ups to pitch new narratives, get new stories told and produced to make this change happen.

“When you put talent out there and narratives, there are dynamic people lean in; they want to see it, they want to be moved, they want to feel less alone; that’s why I’m an actor,” says Davis.

What an interview! Davis speaks a lot of powerful words into existence, including the notion that when you are in a position of power, do something with it. Her optimism in regards to women in film taking a more active role in the industry was very wonderful to hear.

Definitely clink here to watch this short TODAY interview and get pumped to hear her speak on campus Saturday April 2nd! As a member of the Reynolda Film Festival Exec Board, I would be happy to help you reserve a free ticket to her speaking engagement – it’s not too late!


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One Response to Diversity in Film: ‘Lack of opportunity, not talent’ -Viola Davis

  1. marymdalton says:

    It is a very exciting event for WFU!

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