Chelsea Does – Luke Kohler

Chelsea Handler is my kind of comedian… brutally honest, self-deprecating, offensive when needed or when she desires, and well, funny as hell. That being said, I don’t usually watch stand-up comedy on Netflix unless there’s absolutely nothing else available.

I finally plopped down on the couch around midnight on Saturday, and naturally chose the “Recently Watched” option. Top Gear UK? I’ve seen them all multiple times. Flip or Flop? Not in the mood. Back to the main menu, “Suggested For You” and there it was: a new series called “Chelsea Does:”. I thought, “Why not? I’ll probably fall asleep in ten minutes anyways.” A few clicks later, and the first episode “Marriage” was on.

Although critics have asked why the series didn’t delve deeper into the issues, and instead portrayed Handler as a “moderator”, I think their approach was appropriate and correct. I believe her bold, sometimes brash, demeanor was balanced well with a surprising amount of vulnerability in dealing with her own flaws. She didn’t appear “judge-y,” even when talking with the owner of

I have yet to watch any of the other episodes (I did, in fact fall asleep as the “Marriage” ended), I look forward to exploring the issues Handler explores.


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2 Responses to Chelsea Does – Luke Kohler

  1. I love Chelsea Handler and have been meaning to watch this series, but, like you, I always tend to shy away from stand-up comedy on Netflix. I don’t know if it’s because I go into Netflix wanting a narrative or what, but I’ll have to make time for this soon.

  2. marymdalton says:

    Keep thinking I need to watch this…

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