The Bachelor–more awkward than ever

Watching a dating show always induces some nervous laughter and cringing but lately, The Bachelor has left me speechless and uncomfortable.  This season has been filled with awkward silences, annoyingly dramatic women, and repetition.  What this unfortunate change has made me realize is that all long standing reality television shows have a limit.  There comes a time when the show cannot find any more creative angles and it loses its appeal.  Sadly The Bachelor has reached this point.  If the show thinks that having twin contestants is a way to “spice things up,” they are mistaken.  The same thing happened with American Idol.  This speaks to a larger change among television viewers.  We have no patience anymore and move from show to show to maintain excitement.  I am going to make an active effort to stay loyal to the shows I claim to love so much.  Therefore, I will suffer through The Bachelor this season but hopefully the next one will bring much more excitement.


Stephanie Rubin

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