Thoughts on the Academy Awards -Sara Greene

On Sunday, I committed my day to the Oscars. Starting at 3pm, E! had started it’s coverage of the fashion and red carpet that would be occurring that night. To me, it seems almost absurd that now almost equal weight is put on what the stars are going to wear and for most people they only watch the Oscars for the red carpet show and don’t even watch the actual event. I however must make the confession that I love to see what stars wear so I really shouldn’t be talking but to my credit I also watched the entirety of the actual event.

For me Chris Rock did a good job of being up front and honest about the “Oscars so white”  controversy. I think a lot of people were anxious about how he was going to address the problem but I appreciated the fact that he was blunt and just came right out and said it… multiple times in fact. However, I do have to admit that there were several cringe worthy moments, Stacy Dash’s awkward appearance for one. Other cringe worthy moments included pretty much anytime the cameras scanned the audience after one of Chris Rock’s race jokes, you could tell that the actors didn’t know whether to laugh, smile, be serious or what and the result were many faces like this…

Poor Chrissy Teigen she is beautiful but this face  describes the mood of the 2016 Academy Awards this year.

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One Response to Thoughts on the Academy Awards -Sara Greene

  1. marymdalton says:

    Love the photos!

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